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Caroline writes for the Bridport Times magazine.  You can find past editions at

January edition: Winter Wellness With Herbs      To see this                   and go to page 56

February edition: Kitchen Cupboard Herbs                                                 page 58

March edition: Herbal Spring Tonics                                                              page 58

April edition: Garden Medicine                                                                              page 68

May:  Heart Medicine from Hawthorn                  January:  Milk Thistle

June:  Herbal Medicine Week                                  February:  Herbs for the Menopause

July:  Yarrow, the 'Cure-all'                                        March: Plantain - Tough Love

August:  Elder, Nature's Medicine Chest

September:  Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

October:  Autumn Roots

November:  Rosemary, for remembrance

December:  Herbalists Without Borders

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I have no workshops planned at present, but hope to be holding medicine making workshops for Herbalists Without Borders later this year.

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In winter 2019-2020 I traveled to Calais and Dunkirk as part of the Herbalists Without Borders team, delivering first aid and acute herbal medicine to hundreds of refugees sleeping rough in temporary encampments.  HWB have been maintaining a regular delivery, though this has become challenging over the last few months.  In February 2021 when we were unable to get a team to Calais, we were asked if we could deliver some self-care herbal medicines to asylum seekers in Penally Barracks.  We put together 130 packs containing soothing cough syrup, immune tonic and chest balm.  We have been busy medicine making!  Find out more at