What happens in a consultation?

First consultations usually last about one hour, sometimes more if you have a complex problem or a long medical history.

You will have time to talk about your health concerns, and will be asked questions about these, your health in general and your medical history.

To gain a fuller understanding of you as an individual, you will also be asked about your lifestyle.  Diet, exercise, work and other interests are important factors in maintaining health for body and mind.

After this, if necessary, any physical examinations will be carried out, for example taking your blood pressure or listening to your lungs.

Once a diagnosis has been reached we will discuss options, and together work out a treatment plan.  A prescription of herbal medicine will then be made up for you, tailored to your individual needs.

A follow-up appointment will be made, usually for 2-3 weeks after your first visit.  Follow-up consultations are shorter, lasting 30-40 minutes, in which time we will see what progress has been made since your last appointment, and review your prescription.

The length of treatment and number of consultations required will vary depending on the nature of your ailment. 


First consultation - £45 + cost of herbal medicine

Follow-up -               £30 + cost of herbal medicine



Medicines are dispensed in different forms depending on the condition being treated and personal needs or preferences.

Tinctures -      £8.00 / 100 ml  (Approximately 1 weeks worth of medicine)

Teas -              £1.50 / 25g

Creams and - £3.00 / 30g


Occasionally other products are prescribed, such as capsules and herbal oils or powders.  These options and their prices will be discussed with you before dispensing.

Medicines are usually posted out to you by Royal Mail 1st Class, at a cost of £3.50 (up to 1 Kg).  If you would prefer to pick up your prescription instead of paying for postage, this can be arranged.

Payment is by cash, cheque or bank transfer, payable at the consultation.

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